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ATD's DEI podcast is released monthly, sponsored by OpenSesame and hosted by Eliza Blanchard. It features conversations with diversity, equity, and inclusion experts who share their insight on how talent development professionals can advance DEI at work.

Mar 27, 2023

Maria Morukian, president of MSM Global Consulting and author of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Trainers, shares what to DEI trends to anticipate over the next year, how organizations can stay committed to DEI initiatives, and revolutionary technologies like VR, AR, and ChatGPT intersect with DEI and learning...

Mar 21, 2023

In this episode, former host Eliza Blanchard passes the mic to our new host of the DEI Podcast and content manager for DEI and learning and development, Jes Thompson. Jes shares more about her current role at ATD, her DEI origin story, and topics she's excited to explore on this podcast.

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